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Feb 06, 2010


Eileen Flanagan

Thanks for these thoughts. I wrote about my own struggle with money on my blog recently and found it interesting how many of my readers pushed back. You can check out the conversation here: Would love your thoughts.

Kimberly Cain

Thanks, Eileen, for sharing your post. I did check it out & left my comments there!


Intuition helps downloading the ideas most often not present to our senses.
Think of it as a still voice, a hunch or a gut feeling - once
it starts happening you will comprehend that it's no accident.!
Dowsing is a art someone can use to access the intuition working with dowsing pendulum or divining rod.
I've been doing it for a quite a while and In my opinion all people can very well learn it.

Kimberly Cain

You're right, "Dowsing". We all already know these things...we just have to remember. That means getting quiet, tuning in, raising your "antennae". Thanks for the input!

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