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Aug 28, 2010


Philip Shondell

Kim, thanks for entering into my world at just the right time ! and thanks , also , to Katherine B. for the melding of minds and spirits !! Kudos to you both !!

Thanks , Phil

Kimberly Cain

Phil, I'm so glad we were all able to "meld minds & spirits" at the Career Jump Start group tonight. I really enjoyed speaking to your group & appreciate Katherine's invitation to do so.

I could feel the energy rising in the group as we pondered the beauty of our true spirits (individually & collectively) & the endless possibilities available to all of us when we embrace our creative freedom.

Divine timing is always right timing, eh?



Katherine Bradford


Thank you for presenting to Career Jump-Start. Your presentation was information and very motivational. "Shifting your perspective" is a concept that can move people in a positive way that will allow them to grow and to use their God given talents.

Thank you and God Bless!
Katherine Bradford

Kimberly Cain

You're welcome. It was a pleasure!

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