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Sep 11, 2012



I agree but I also have begun looking at winning differently. I enjoy playing tennis. For years I judged myself in win/losses in matches. In the past year I have let go of that concept. I don't judge myself by my wins or losses. I know and beleive that I am working hard and doing my best. That is all I can ask of myself. But guess what the result has been. I am winning matches! I am so relaxed when I play and I have fun! Of course I still will have losses, but they don't bring me crashing down any longer. Accepting myself where I am each day has spread to every aspect of my life! I'm not looking ahead or behind to see what should, or shouldn't have happened. I feel lighter and more free than I ever have.

Kimberly Cain

Beautiful! Feeling lighter & more free than you ever have - I'd say that's definitely winning!

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